The autumn rite of 2014 was the fourth rite we did at the park we use for our public rites. There were the two other members of my Protogrove with me. When we arrived to the park, we saw a little falcon walking in the grass right in front of the place we use to do the rites, like if he was giving us welcome.

Since there are no evidences of deity cult for this date in Ireland, we decided to honor Oghma, for the connection of this rite with the passage tombs and consequently with the Ancestors. For this reason also, we started to use the symbols there are sculpted at the backstone of Loughcrew Cairn in County Meath at our rites of this period. I drew it with a pyrography tool in a piece of wood, which we have collected from a dead tree we found, and at the beginning of the rite we put it at the sun to symbolize the sun entering in the passage tomb. This marked the beginning of the ritual.

Previously we had already done offerings to the Outdwellers, the Two Powers Meditation and the purification of the members with the smoke of a torch. After the inauguration of the rite with the stone at the sun, we begin the processional and the honoring of Earth and the recreation of cosmos stabilizing the center and acknowledging the three worlds as we lighted the sacred fire.

Then I opened the gates, calling and praising Manannán Mac Lir to let us enter in the Otherworld. After that, we honored the Three Kindreds and made offerings to them. Only then did we invited Oghma to be our guest and receive our hospitality at this world, and finally we did the sacrifice, offering a bowl full of fruits and grains to him. We did offerings to every guest we invited as we were praising them. Next, we observe the omens as the sacrifice bow burned and them blessed the waters and shared it between our guests and us. Finally, we thank all our guests one by one, thank and ask for Manannán to close the gates and thank the Earth Mother, finishing the open connection of the ritual with the Otherworld.

At this time, our omen was a simple one, we just read the fire and the burning of the sacrifice to see if our offerings were accepted, and the answered was yes, our rite was a success.