At this rite, again, we had a good welcome at our ritual place, a blue crane was at the lake and it stayed there for all of the ritual.

Our Bealtaine rite was made in honor of Dagda, so I made a statue based on the Bard of Paule to represent Dagda and one member of the group made a caudle, with oat and pork meat, to him.

As opening, we throw a little of the caudle at the ground and chant:

Blessed be the earth we stand,
That she may be touched by the sweet melody of rain
That dampens the ground and quenches the thirsty.

Blessed be the earth we stand,
That she may be heathen by the warm sun of spring
That wakes up the seeds and starts the life.

Blessed be the earth we stand,
By the Good God Dagda,
For plentiful harvest can be in everywhere.

That the blessed rain falls abounding,
That the warm sun burns in temperance
And the sleepy seeds germinate!

I have to say that there has been a severe drought at that time, for this reason we prepare the rite to ask for rain and more temperance of the sun’s heat, and it worked. In the days after the ritual, the heat got less intense and a good rain started to fall.

The ritual continued as we planned, following the ADF Core, as always, establishing the center, honoring the Earth and the Three Kindred, open the gates between the worlds with the help of Manannán mac Lir and honoring the invited god of the occasion, Dagda, making offerings to all of them. Then we made our sacrifice and observed the omen, blessed the waters of life, and gave our final gifts to the praised ones. Finally, we finished the rite, thanking each one.

This omen was also a simple one, but as we were concerned about the weather we received a secondary omen when at the observing of the sacrifice, a frog sang three times announcing the nearby rain.