A long time ago, before I found Druidism, I learned about a technique applied to the Tarot, which consisted in take a card for day randomly, study its meaning and try to verify its importance in the current day. I am using this exercise to develop a new mental discipline program to myself, based on the Ogham. This program’s intent is to develop a close connection with the Ogham symbols and meanings and try to bring their wisdom to my life.

This training began with the confection of the Ogham. I have two Oaks in a block beside my house, so I decided to do my Ogham Sticks with their branches, but I didn’t want to hurt them, so I tried to connect with them and ask them to give me some of their branches. So I just collected the branches they gave me for about two months in which I was always trying to harmonize myself with them.

After collecting all branches, I made a ritual to consecrate them to Oghma and offer them as a link with the Spirits of Natures, specially the tree spirits, and a channel between the worlds. So I took their barks, which I reserve to burn in the ritual of consecration of the Ogham sticks when they were finished, and engrave with a pyrograph the symbols. After they were ready, in a ritual where I burn the barks and offer honey to Oghma, I consecrate them to each tree and ask Oghma to guide me in my journey.

To this training I am using only the 20 original féda, for the forfeda don’t have all the associations in the Auraicept na Neces, and neither the antiquity of the féda. The mental training is consisting in take an Ogham stick at each 16 days randomly. In the first day, the day which the stick is taken, I just study about the tree, the bird and the art associated to it, which are the three aspects I am using. So, during the first five days I meditate on the tree, I try to transmute myself in it, to feel and leave as it, to be born as a seed, create roots and branches, to grow and interact with the environment. On the seventh day I transmigrate my soul to the bird, am born and then live like him for another 5 days, so in the eleventh day I go, as the bird, to a village and transmigrate my soul to the man of the specific art linked to that Ogham, living as him for the next 5 days. So one cycle of transmigration ends and I take another stick, starting all over again with the new symbol.

The first Ogham symbol I took was the nGetal, which the tree is the Broom, the bird is the Goose and the art is the Modeling. I didn’t have any difficulties in my meditations in the beginning, for the trees and it was really a fantastic experience, I really felt like the tree, germinating, growing, flourishing, bearing fruits and sowing seeds to the ground, but in the birds I found some difficulties in concentration and control in the beginning, and in the art it got even worse, but with practice, these difficulties are being surpassed. From nGetal I learned that behind every thorn there is beauty and joy, and even cure, hidden, and what seems to be dangerous can be simply protection, depending on the angle you see, and that we model the other depending on our own view, but it is more if we take a good look. So nGetal says: be careful but go on, take a good look and enjoy the beauty and sweetness of the victory.

The second Ogham I took was Coll, which the tree is the hazel and the art is the Harp and the Auraicept na Neces doesn’t tell about the bird, so as the Hazel is associated to the salmon of wisdom I choose it to be the second part of the meditation. This one was really easier in all senses than the first. Its meaning is very clear, pleasant and peaceful, it is a confirmation of right thought and action, the recognition of wise choices and the consequences of it in a lovely moment.

The third one was Húath, which the tree is the Hawthorn, the bird is the Night Raven and the art is Trisyllabic Poetry. This one was even easier than the others to find concentration and success in the exercise. With Húath I learned that the beauty can also be dangerous, the poetry was used to praise heroes and kings but also to satirize bad kings and dishonor individuals, the Night Raven is a beautiful bird linked to omens and prophecies but also could be deadly to a warrior hurt and fainted in battle, and as amazing the Hawthorn flowers can be and how sweet their fruits, its thorns hurt and can be dangerous to not avoid them.

The next was Luis, which the tree is the Rowan, the bird is the duck and the art is the pilotage. As the sequence goes each one is teaching me their secrets and I can feel and see more clearly their messages.

I’ve been doing this training for almost a year and I choose not to enu­­merate all the symbols, the sequence I take and meanings I found to be able to talk about its consequences and influences in my days. Since the beginning I found myself changed by this exercise. I believe it becomes a process of learning and transformation, which teaches me a lot about me and how to solve questions and issues. I feel like I am really learning with these sacred spirits and being able to access the knowledge of them.

Although this exercise is the most important for inspiration, personal and spiritual growth, it is not the only thing I am doing. I started also to do offerings, prayers and a simple meditation of harmony with the Three Kindred and this is also affecting my life and helping me to see all my day as sacred. I also make some meditations to connect with my personal deities and sacred animals.