Courage is to act appropriately though adversity or fear of confrontation. This quality is essential to the existence of life, since all creatures are ever being confronted by obstacles and challenges; for it is part of the nature’s cycle and growing. The ability to go past the fear is a never ending campaign which is always being renewed and courage is not only to surpass difficulties but the way it is made, for courage is attached to the idea of the right action.

This virtue means to be correct in actions even in dangerous or distressed situations; it is to overcome fear by the improvement of confidence and the straightforwardness of behavior. Considering all the aspects of living and growing, courage is an essential virtue to every being, because life is made of challenges and choices. To have courage is to take the first step no matter how difficult it is, or how afraid we feel. This virtue doesn’t mean that you can’t feel fear; it means that you are not a prisoner of your fear, that you can face it and yet go through it.

It is for sure a virtue of essential need in social interaction, since all the sociability is related to professional and familiar challenges and adaptations, interpersonal relationship wins and losses and maintenance of the existent ones, courage is a virtue needed to exist in society. A coward cannot live in any society because courage is a main element for all relationships and for common learning and growing needs. Therefore, courage is a virtue of social need, for it is vital for the sustenance of the interaction among people.