Exif_JPEG_422My home shrine changed a lot from my beginnings in Paganism. This first image is from before I joined ADF. I was still taking my first steps in the Celtic path and discovering the ways to work with this culture. It had some elements I still use but with other meanings and symbolisms.

I had some really amazing contacts with the Otherworld in my shrine, especially with Manannán Mac Lyr and Brig. One of these contacts gave me the vision of a mandala, which in the beginning I thought to be only an Ogam table to practice divination, but, furthermore, I understood that it was much more deep and important: it was a map of the Three Worlds. It is not ready yet, for I really have to learn a lot about the Otherworld to be able to create the last part. This will be a huge improvement to my shrine in a near future, which will be placed on the back wall as a focus for inspiration and learning.

HomeShrine_02Nowadays, my altar is a very simple one, and I try to use only natural or fine metal objects. I have a bronze eagle to represent Brig and two copper deer to represent Manannán Mac Lyr. If these animals are not the best representation of him, I have to say that I choose them specifically because they represent my Ancestors, too, since these objects were from my grandparents. The rocks represent the Land and the Spirits of Nature, The crystal bowl represents the sea, the silver chalice represents the Well of Segais, and the cauldron is my fire focus and offerings point. As I live in a big city and in an apartment, I choose to make my offerings mainly with essential oils of oak moss, lichen and verbena and also with hazelnut oil. Essential oils are the way I found to make meaningful offerings with elements of Celtic cultural valor, and I feel fine giving them such special and pure offerings. I also offer salt, which was a really important thing to them, rose water to Brig and reed to Manannán.