Discipline means to establish a continuous practice to reach a specific goal. Aristotle says in “Nicomachean Ethics” that there are two kinds of virtue, intellectual and moral, and that the first came from learning and the second from habit, for virtue is not a natural state but consequence from behavior development. Since focus and practice are fundamental elements for any training, so discipline is an essential requirement for every intellectual or moral development, and a necessary virtue to the refinement of the others.

An Art of self-control and temperance, a Skill of persistence and application, a Practice of concentration and focus and an Exercise of willpower and determination, discipline is the valor of Wisdom, a merit of Perseverance and a routine of Piety. No excellence in any art or knowledge can be acquired without this virtue, for strength of will reflects the potency of our Personal Triad (Soul, Mind and Body) and the Fertility of our self.

Discipline is to use our tenacity of the Soul, focus of the Mind and vigor of the Body to maintain our efforts in a regular practice or ritual necessary to develop some particular competence or improve some aspect of our lives. If Discipline is the sustenance of a training system or attitude with a defined objective to be sought, it is correct to say that this virtue is needed for any kind of human activity, for this is the virtue that allows all the others to be possible.

Preparing our mind to reach a goal, either material or intellectual, is the first important step, for no determination can sustain a lack of the objective. Then, with a purpose in mind we must prepare our plans of practice and follow them with Discipline and Wisdom, for moderation is a Discipline too and no excess is virtuous.