Fertility means the development of all the productive questions of the soul, mind and body, which means we must enrich our world and our lives using our imagination, to transform knowledge into practical and valuable things. A fertile Soul must inspire, a fertile Mind must create and a fertile Body must build; these are the developed Personal Triad. Thus fertility is the use of wisdom and creativity to enrich our spirit, body and mind.

Fertility is an important matter to any culture since it is connected with crucial concerns about survival and prosperity. This subject has several meanings, which are related to the maintenance of both the human life and the social structure, for it embraces relationships, sexuality, conception, food production, science, art and all kinds of generative activities. I think in nowadays we have another meaning added to this virtue which is intensely linked with our times, it is the preservation of nature.

Nature is the basis to all other forms of fertility, and not only this, but it is an essential part of our faith and cult. To take care of nature is not only to preserve the fertility but also to demonstrate Hospitality to the gods, for this is our main temple.

So, fertility is to develop ourselves in all senses and to fight for the maintenance of life in this world, which is closely linked to the fertility of the soil, preservation of biodiversity and protection of water sources, which were all sacred to our Ancestors and must be for us. I think in our times the greatest proof of fertility, not only in a Druid, but in a pagan in general, is to find ways to live without destroying nature and to help in preserving it. Therefore I think we can add Hospitality, not only to the gods but to all the future generations, as a fertility element. Thus we can say this virtue is connected to the two others, wisdom and hospitality, which help us to develop all our potentials and to maintain our good relationship with the gods.