Integrity is to be true with the whole of our actions, thoughts and beliefs, without forgetting that we are part of a society and that it has an expectation for the actions of its members. I think this virtue means the commitment between our values and the society’s values. Our values are our personal truth, what we believe and trust. The society’s values are the cultural truth, what the society accepts and admires; it is larger than the person and defines right conduct in our society.

This virtue is related with being a part of a whole, with being true and fair to yourself and with the others. Integrity is more than just don’t do wrong things from the law point of view or don’t do immoral things, it is to do things right even if you don’t need or you are not obligated to. It is what the Celts called honor, to be brave, fair and wise in our actions, to have the discipline and the courage to act correctly even if this choice is the hardest one. It means to be conscious of our acts and to act correctly. It means to be as fair as we can, and being like this, we can be proud of ourselves and have no regrets, for we really did the best we could.

To have Integrity is to be honor, to be true with our faith, beliefs and thoughts and make it clear in our actions. It is to respect and be fair with the others. It is to be sincere with ourselves and with the gods. It is to believe and practice the right personal and social conducts and to cultivate the good virtues of temperament and deeds.