The Nine Virtues are the principles we must seek and develop in ourselves to rule our lives and actions. These values have existed for thousands of years in many cultures, in the ideological conducts of mythological heroes and Gods and in the behavior of great people throughout history. I also include three more virtues that are essential to the improvement of our Personal Triad (Soul, Mind and Body): Responsibility, Modesty and Discipline. These three extra virtues interact with and complete the others.

I am not discarding the tri-functional division of ADF, which I think is really great, but suggesting a kind of complement and adaptation of it, to fit in with Irish Mythology, which is my heart faith. I think these three Extra Virtues are very important in the comprehension of the Irish Celtic society and in the support of a religious observance related to their Gods. Besides with these additions we can divide these twelve virtues into four triads of development based on the four wizards from whom the Tuatha Dé Danann learned their wisdom and science, as related in the Mythological tale “The Second Battle of Magh Tuiredh”.

By these triads we can resume the twelve virtues in four symbols: The Cauldron, The Sword, The Stone and The Spear which are the jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann. It is very useful to see it this way because we can easily understand that each of these virtues is a part of a Jewel that must be lapidated in us to come out, and only with these four jewels shining in us we are able to enter the Otherworld and face the Gods with the Honors of a Great Druid.


The First Triad: The Triad of Semias of Murias – The Dagda’s Cauldron

The Second Triad: The Triad of Esrus of Gorias – The Sword of Nuada

The Third Triad: The Triad of Uscias of Findias – The Spear of Lugh

The Fourth Triad: The Triad of Fessus of Faihias – The Stone (Lia Fail)