daleolais_10112013_VIIIThe Three Kindred are the spirits which maintain the worlds in harmony. They are the connection between the Otherworld and this world, and between the three worlds, land, sea and sky, they are our connection with the spiritual energy and balance. This ancestral triad is the guardian of the natural and supernatural wisdom; they are our teachers, guides and family. To honor them is to promote the stability between the realms, is to assemble with the might forces of the nature, to join the ancient clan of the world and to gather with the primordial essence of the universe. Knowing them we learn to know ourselves, for they teach us how to see inside and outside ourselves. Making offerings to them we straighten our ties with them, connecting our spirit with their energy. Finally, by connecting with them we are able to learn the wisdom once lost from this world which allows us to live in perfect peace with nature, the Earth and the universe.