We always do two Lughnasadh rites every year, for we have a special one in which we have the presence of other members from far away and guests, we call this one of Inter Clanic Lughnasadh. Both rites are very similar, so I will relate the one we do at the park.

We begin the ritual with the care of the head of Balor which some versions of the myth is said to spill poison in a last try to kill Lugh, who was clever and put the head above a rock, so his poison does not hurt anyone. For this recreation, we take a stone that we found that looks like a head and we put that stone above a larger rock, chanting:

Here is the head of Balor
The trophy of Lugh, the noble warrior.
From the beginning to the end of the Lughnasadh rites
Over the rock it must be maintained,
As Lugh predicted,
To avoid his poison to contaminate
The land and the warrior.

After that, we begin the rite as usual, establishing the center, honoring the Earth and the Three Kindred and opening the gates between the worlds with the help of Manannán mac Lir. Then we invite Lugh to join us and be our guest.

For this rite, we made the three weapons to offer as sacrifice: a spear, a sword and a sling stone. The spear was thrown at the water, the stone to the sky and the sword to the fire. I also made a version of the fidchell game to be played and choose a champion that would have the honor to give the piece of the champion, the better part of our offerings, to Lugh.

All made, the omen was observed, the waters of life were blessed and shared and as we are finishing we thank our guests and close the ritual.

This time the omen was made by using the Tarot of the Druids, and each one took a card to the omen. They were the 9 of wands, the Ace of Chalices, the Boadh (X), the Ace of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles. Despite of being a tarot, the illustrations of these cards are very meaningful and related to Celtic culture and we tried to read by them and not by the traditional meaning, and it was very interesting for we could have a general idea of what we were doing right.