The one who is polite in act and manners is a pleasant man, the one who is courteous and friendly is a welcome men, the one who is reasonable and patient is an admired men and the one with all this qualities is a Moderate man. This man is able to talk and be listened, to be host and to be guest, to judge, to teach and to control himself. To be Moderate is to be temperate in all senses, appetites, humors, behaviors and attitudes, but it is not to be passive or inert too. This Virtue means equilibrium, neither less or excess.

Moderation is to be healthily equilibrate in our Personal Triad (Soul, Mind and Body), for the imbalance of one affects the other two with time. It means the way is not control oppressively our Body or Mind, but to discover our weaknesses and instabilities to heal them from the inside to the outside, the ability of self-control must naturally become part of our selves, and not be a desperate form of self-restraint. To be moderated is to know and comprehend that excesses not only produce illness but are often caused by unhealthy scars and questions of our inner self.

This Virtue means to be balanced on the inside and on the outside. I think this is a basic Virtue for all the others, for the one who is moderate is patient and disciplined to learn, is graceful in his manners and equilibrated in his conduct. Therefore he is able to be a virtuous man.