Modesty is to understand that we always have more to learn and to improve in ourselves, that we will never be “The Best” if we intend to be virtuous, because the one who is “The Best” is arrogant and unable to learn and to see beyond his own knowledge.

To be modest is to recognize that even with we know a lot of things we still have much more to learn. It means we must not to be so proud of ourselves that we don’t see that our conquests are only a part of living, and many others came before us and will come after. Even the wiser man still need to learn, and will never know everything.

This virtue is more than being humble and it is not to be reticent in our potentials or abilities, nor even be uncertain in the force of our wishes and dreams. It means to be open to hearing and discovering new ideas and skills and to not lose our center due to overconfident illusions. To be modest is at same time to be wise in our acts and thoughts and moderated in our behavior and self. No arrogant mind can support Wisdom or Moderation, and neither of these virtues can create roots in this unhealthy soil.