On the day before the rite, I made the Brideog with wheat branches and red cotton clothes, using a piece of white linen to do her head and two branches of oak to do the body. I made also her bed with the same textiles and made a little rite offering the bed, bread and liquor to her to spend the night as the tradition says, reciting some verses:

Little Brigid I made your bed,
Liquor and bread are at your will,
And my home welcomes you!

On the next day, we carefully took the Brideog and her bed to the park to do the rite. When we arrived at the local park where do our rites there was a beautiful white crane waiting for us at the lake, and we saw this as a good omen.

We did the first steps of the ritual as always and then made the opening reciting in chorus:

Hail and honor her
For it is she that comes.
Let the Brigid, the blessed, to come in!
Brigid! A hundred times, be welcome!

Brigid, Brigid, Brigid!
Three daughters of Dagda, we greet you!
Brigid, forge’s fire,
Brigid, Soul’s inspiration,
Brigid, Body’s panacea.

At that moment we made a processional, circling nine times the fire, with the Brideog being carried in the front, chanting:

Fire that burns,
Fire that warm,
Fire that cure,
Brigid, Brigid, Brigid,
Be welcome!

Then the rite continued, as we established the center, recognized the three realms, and called the three kindred, and made the honors and offerings to Brigid and the other beings. After that, we made our Brigid crosses and asked to Brigid to bless them. The sacrifice to her and the omens were the next, as well as the blessing of the waters of life. Finally, we thanked all the invited and closed the ceremony.

It was the first time we used wine to the sacrifice, but it wasn’t an amphora yet. We put in a ceramic bowl some seeds and hazel nuts, and take it to the fire. The omen was read from the content of the sacrifice, which were tree nuts, one to each one of us, we understood were being able to achieve the attention of three Brigids.