Perseverance is to continue in our purposes no matter how difficult they are. This is the quality that pushes us to achieve our dreams and makes us labor to realize them. No important goal or knowledge can be achieved without arduous work and challenges, for it is our efforts that make the conquest be worthwhile.

This is a virtue which is closely connected with patience and discipline, for it means that we must go on even when we are losing our faith in our goals or capacity. The perseverance is what makes us continue no matter what happens.

Our mind and what it wishes and pursues is really an excellent weapon to conquer adversities and achieve our quests; all we must do is believe in ourselves and go on, and if we fail in our first try, we can rest a little, recharge our power, think about our mistakes and correct them, exercise our skills and add some more, and when we are prepared try again, over and over. Sometimes, when the goal is too difficult, even almost impossible, it can be that we never get there, but the fact that we tried makes all the difference, and if we prevail the triumph will be deserved.