Responsibility is to do the right thing not for obligation but for intention, it means to think of the consequences of decisions and actions before doing them We can say this virtue is a mixture of wisdom, vision and integrity but with the addition of something more, a sense of conscience for our interaction in this world and in the Otherworld.

Arrogance, ignorance, cowardice, foolishness, wickedness, excess, hesitancy and dishonesty are not dogmatic sins but cultural and personal shame and defaults. To be responsible is to be ruled by several strong convictions in ethics and integrity and in a sort of indubitable confidence in ourselves, because it is to believe that we are the judges of our own acts and that we must try to improve ourselves by being wise in our choices and conduct. The responsible man chooses to follow his own ideals no matter how much work it demands, taking on all the weight of it, or surrender to the slavery of view all his life being conduct by the others. His prize is to be the leader of his own life, responsible for his triumphs and mistakes, and when mistaken to recognize and correct it.

The virtues’ perfection is a search of a free individual untied from oppression’s feelings and unworthy reasons, for the meaning of this quest is his responsibility with himself to improve his Personal Triad (Soul, Mind and Body) and be a virtuous man. This Virtue means to be responsible for our actions and positions, without blaming anyone or anything, and to guide our lives based on principles and values.