This ritual was a very special one for everything that happened in it. First, when we arrived, we discovered that two of us had brought a special offering to the sacrifice. I and another member had dreamed about the Morrigan, the deity we choose honor that Samhain, and in that dream, we were offering a Bodhran to her, so we both brought them to be burned in her honor.

As it is seemed in the photo, we arranged all the altar and fire, and began our rite, but the fire was so intense that day that the Bodhrans were consumed almost instantly one by one, as if the fire wanted them, so we were forced to offer the sacrificial objects in the beginning of the ritual. That day was a very strange one; the gates between the worlds were wildly open since the beginning.

We were four at that ritual, the members and a new one, who is now a member of the group. We did the ritual as we always did, with the purification by torches, praising to the Earth, the Kindred and the Deity we choose for the occasion, and observing all the ritual properly. At the end of the rite, we extinguished the fire and promised to light a new one the next day.

We always do our rites in the morning, so we decided to go to my apartment to have lunch; well it did not work that easily.  When we arrived, we were planning to cook pasta, but when we tried to use the stove, we discovered that the gas was empty, and we would have to buy a new jar. We tried very hard, but everywhere we tried to buy some they were would deliver it, but they never came, and after hours of trying we decided to go buy the food in a restaurant. During the whole time we were saying and discussing if this wasn’t a sign that we shouldn’t light a fire of any kind for that day, and so we agreed to keep no flame, whatever it was until the next day, and suddenly all the companies that did not bring the gas or answer us until now, arrived at our door. We had gas to cook, but did not light it until the next day, when we met to eat barbecue and do some Parshells, an Irish traditional craft, for protection.

The Omen for this day was made by reading the fire, which was especially intense, and a crane was seen by us during the omen, what was confirmed later by photos, for a crane appeared in some, so the omen was the Coll.