This Festival represented the first day of the Celtic year and was the most important feast of their Calendar. Its occurrences are constant and punctual in the Celtic Irish Mythology, letting clear its crucial significance to the social structure and his widespread influence. The Myths tells us that the Samhain feast lasted three days before and three days after the day of Samhain, that marks the beginning of winter, and it was probable that many or even all the High Kings of Tara were crowned in that day. This was a collective feast wherein the principal moment was the great banquet with the participation of all the three classes in a trifunctional explicit demonstration.

It is not a feast of a specific deity like the others but a feast of all the Tuatha de Danann, a feast of crowned new Kings and sometimes ritualistic kill of the old one, a feast of legal assemblies for decisions, judgments and contracts and a feast in which the fairy mounds were opened and contact with the sid and the dead is much easier and a feast of fertility and abundance.

It also means the ending of an old cycle and the coming of a new one. The day of Samhain is a special one, for this day is out of time, it doesn’t belong neither to the last nor to the next year, this is a moment in which the worlds natural and supernatural can be easily accessible for both sides, and that all the Fairy Mounds and Raths were opened, and even the fires were extinguished in the Samhain’s eve to be re-lit after, this was the occasion to religious ceremonies and to worship the deities in an effort to guarantee the prosperity to the new year.

Samhain symbolizes the feast of victory and the expectations of fecundity and prosperity to the next year. It is a time out of chronological time and which the passages between the worlds are open and the dead and Deities can be easily contacted. It is the time also of strength the community laces in the great banquet and the time to reinforce the social arrangement and power status configuration with the assemblies and mythic reconstructions.