Again, we had a new person attending to our rites, and again, she is part of our group now, as are the other ones.

This was an amazing ritual, for we perceived how our rites really work and how we are successful in opening the gates. We were organizing the space and preparing the fire when a huge group of children arrived with some adults. Soon we noticed that they were from a local evangelical church, and they would stay right next to us. We thought of moving to a far place, but we decided not doing this, for we had the right to be there.

We started the High Day ritual in honor of Ériu, Banba and Fótla, the three goddesses of Sovereignty that gave their names to Ireland as usual. Following the same idea of the Autumn Rite, we used our version of the Loughcrew Cairn backstone as a symbolic mark for the rite, placing it at the sun to point the beginning of the rite and chanting:

Once more, the ancient passages are illuminating,
Once more, the sun shines in straight,
Once more, we gathered
To honor the sovereign goddesses.

That the bright sun light our way,
Until the most deep knowledge of earth,
Until the secrets that our ancestors keep in stone,
Until the presence of the sovereign goddesses.

After that, the rite began as usual, and sometimes we saw one or two children running at the perimeter, but they do not seem to be able to notice us. No one stopped to look or say anything and we could not listen to them through the entire rite. It was an amazing experience to us to see this happening.

The entire rite was remarkable, and we had another surprise when we saw that, as we finished the rite, the last portion of the sun leaved the draw we use as our Loughcrew Cairn backstone, and we have no need to take it off the sun, for the timing of our ritual was fully connected with the sun.

Our omen was again made by reading the sacrifice and focused in search for approval for our rite. The answered was the fully acceptance of our sacrifice.