The Spring Equinox is when the Earth is in the opposite side of the Sun that it was in the Autumn Equinox, it is the day where the day and night have the same duration, but being between Óimelc and Beltaine, it means the expansion of warmth and social activities.

This was a time of fertility rituals, to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. It was the time to bless the land with the ashes of the Yule log. It is time of the rebirth of nature after the winter, the animals leave their winter den; the cattle go to open fresh pastures and people to reconnect the social ties.

As with the others it is also linked with burial passages as the Sliabh na Caillí, which is burial site astronomical aligned with the spring equinox as well as the autumn equinox. At this date the rising sun enters in the passage of the tomb illuminating the backstone and reveals several cravings. Once more we have an open connection to the Ancestors and the otherworld revealed by the entrance of the sun rising in this burial passage. It seems that all the astronomical feasts are times where the living can have strenghtened their ties with the dead and spirits of nature.

 This is the Feast of the nature and life reborn after the months of the cold winter, finally the cold part of the year is gone and the sun warms the land and fertilizes the soil. It’s a time to thank for surviving the winter and plant the seeds for the next harvest. It is also a time to make offerings to the Deities, Ancestors and spirits of nature for the winter that has gone and for the warm sun that is coming. This Feast’s meaning is to promote the good relations with the otherworld beings to guarantee fertility and prosperity.