This rite was an amazing one; the white crane came to welcome us again, and all our members came to attend the rite, some waking up early in the morning to collect the reed to offer to Manannán, who was our honored god.

This entire rite was very special, the procession with fresh reeds, and the sacrifice made with a wooden horse given to the flames were all magical moments.

As a start, we did a purification of the three realms, using three torches, which represented the sun. This was made by three members, each one with a torch and responsibility to purify one realm. They should touch the realm with the torch as they said the proper verse.

As the Sky above us,
That the fire of the sun purify the air!

(The one responsible for the Sky would raise up his/her torch)

As the Earth under our feet,
That the fire of the sun purify the soil!

(The one responsible for the Earth would touch the ground with his/her torch)

As the Sea around us,
That the fire of the sun purify the waters!

(The one responsible for the Sea would touch the water with his/her torch)

After this purification, we continued the rite, establishing the center, honoring the Earth and the Three Kindred, opening the gates between the worlds with the help of Manannán mac Lir and honoring him as the praised god. We did offerings for him and made a procession in his honor, carrying the reed to the highest spot of the park, chanting:

That our soil be fertile,
That our people be wealthy,
That our crops be plentiful.

That no enemy can fly in our sky,
That no enemy can touch our ground,
That no enemy can sail in our waters.

For at our front stands our fair sovereign
Illuminating our paths
Like the fire of the sun.

In the sequence, we did a special rite to honor the sun and then made the offering of the wood horse to Manannán as our sacrificial object. For the rest of the ritual, as always, we observed the omens, blessed the waters of life sharing it between us and with the invited ones, then gave thanks to our sacred guests and finished the ritual.

After the end of the rite, we inaugurated another tradition to our practices from now on. We decided to plant trees at the park every time we go there, and we started on this day. For the first ones, we choose two oak trees to be planted. I have been growing these oaks for three years and decided that was time to put them on the ground.

Again, our omen was only to see if our rites were done in the proper way as the sacrificed was consumed. The answered was positive.