The Summer Solstice is a fire Festival between Beltaine and Lughnasadh; it is the apices of the summer, the longest day of the annual cycle. This is a Feast mainly associated with the sun. Although we have evidences of astronomical usage of the monument of Stonehenge, this is a particular case where there are no evidences of burial mounds interior usage, all the cults would be made in stone circles, fires and hilltops.

In Ireland bonfires were made all over the country in high places, as hilltops or large rocks, and in open spaces where communal fires could be lighted in honor of the sun god Baal. In Manx this day was especially associated with the god Manannán Mac Lyr, to which offerings of reed, field grasses and yellow flowers were made, this custom was a form of acknowledgment to the god and was made with prayers of aid and protection, including in fishing.

This is an outside Feast, a time to reverence nature and the Sun, also a time to honor and make the traditional offerings to the otherworld lord Manannán Mac Lyr and to praise our Ancestors which are in his Lands, or Islands.