Samhain 2013 Fine Na Dairbre XXIVWhen we talk about the Ancestors, we are not only referring to our blood linage but also to the connections of our spiritual involvement. Our Ancestors are all those who lived in this Earth before us and who made our existence possible, in special those who share our faith and beliefs. They were the people who first interact with the world and the Otherworld, the men from Stone Age, from Hallstatt, from La Téne, those who are buried in the ancient mounds of Ireland, those who lived, learned and taught before us. They were the Celts and the pre-Celts, the Druids, the Fomorians and the Tuatha de Danánn, our known family, the family of our family which we will never know and the family of theirs.

We are the result of our Ancestors of blood and spirit, honoring them means we respect our roots and are open to learn what they have to say. We can learn a lot of things with our blood Ancestors, who can teach us how to grow and live, how to be fair and honored, from these we have the opportunity to share a little of our life time, affinities and history. I have always a special place for the dead of my family in my heart and prayers, especially when thinking about the Ancestors honor and offerings. To me this means to recognize and respect my own blood and principles.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option and the privilege to hear the wisdom that our spiritual Ancestors had to teach to us from their own mouth, as well as our near family didn’t, because there is huge space in time where their voices were silenced. But still they left to us a lot of knowledge and evidences engraved in their own bones, myths folklore, and in the minds of those who lived in their times that can still be listened to and understood. This is the reason why I think history, archaeology, mythology and folklore are so important to our faith, because it is where our Ancestors still can be listened to in their entire splendor.