FineNaDairbre_DalindithemComairle8I think the Spirits of Nature are the most difficult to define for they are many and exists in different forms and places. They are everywhere. They are the essence of old trees, the powers of nature or spirits of the land, sky and sea, as well as protector creatures of certain places or ancient Clans, like the banshee . This Noble Ones are the invisible beings of the nature, those who are closest to us, for they also live in this world in woods, lakes, rivers, wells, and even nearby us in special places in parks and squares or even in gardens near old trees.

These beings are not always friendly or easy going, for they are live forces of locations or energies, and are hostile to everyone who defiles their surrounding balance and are cautious with visitors. So, to be able to contact them is a practice of patience and perseverance to gain their trust and friendship and the respect not only in dealing directly with them but in our actions in daily treatment about natural questions and actions are also decisive in acquiring and maintaining their confidence.

Living with responsibility about ecological issues is an essential part of improving the Spirits of Nature relationship, for no matter what or how often you made offerings to them or try to contact them if your actions are of disrespect and careless.  Therefore, I think this is an important start to those who want to interact with the Noble Ones. Talking about respect, I learned that we must ask for permission every time we enter in groves. There are, always, a special couple of trees that make a portal to the deep interior of these sacred places, in front of it are the best place and time to call their guardians and ask for approval to enter this home. It also can be made in every natural place or even to single trees, to show reverence and strength the ties with these wonderful beings. I also have special practices of rites, meditation and offerings to them, and I think this is an important part of my relationship with them too, for to connect directly with their essence is an exceptional way to know them and receive inspiration and to perceive a little of their wisdom and knowledge.