FineNaDairbre_Brigidfire_2The Shining Ones are the gods, those mighty Ancestors from the beginning of times. They, who live in the Otherworld and were worshiped by our Ancestors, are the ideal of perfection and behavior that conduct our acts. They are the power behind the forces of the universe, those ones who inspire us in all senses and are the essential receptacle of all our hopes, dreams and faith. They are our North and center, our model of balance, justice and virtues.

My faith is the one based in the Irish Celtic religion as well as my devotional gods. The Tuatha de Dannán narratives are what I call my cosmologic mythology and in this I recognize the deities that I believe and honor. Of course Archaeology and History are a main part of my reinterpretation of this religion, for most of what the original faith and culture of the people who first practice these cults and worship these gods can only be known and truly understand when we look to the past.

My main devotional deities are Bríg and Manannán Mac Lyr, although Lugh, Daghda, Núada, Oghma, Donn, Aengus, Mórrigu, Ériu, Boann, Macha and some others have their places in my offerings and praises, especially in the main assemblies, where the Ancestors meetings occurred to symbolize and reinforces the their social and religious connections with the whole. I have a really straight linkage with Manannán and Brig, to whom I make constant offerings and praised poems, especially when it is raining or when I am in contact with some source of water, where I always feel their presence stronger.

I see the gods as teachers, sages and friends. I think the universe and nature has its own ways and laws and the gods are part of it. Nature has its course, and what the gods can do is to bless and teach us how to be in harmony with it and by this, be successful in our journey in this world.