The Two Powers Meditation, as other forms of ‘grounding and centering’ meditations, is an important practice to the preparation of mind and spirit to a ritual, for it does the connection of the spirit and the body of the practitioner with the cosmos and prepare his/her mind to be in contact with the spiritual powers of Earth and Sky. It also helps to disconnect from the worries and issues of the material world and to be prepare to notice the signs and feelings from the spiritual world. The more often it is made it becomes easier to connect with these powers.

I already had some experiences with a similar meditation as the Two Powers when I first did it and this one was call the Tree Meditation in a Traditional Paganism group I participated in fifteenth years ago, but this previous experience was something really simpler in all aspects. The Tree Meditation was meant to see us as a seed and grow as a tree, and when I started doing the Two Powers, I perceived a huge difference in terms of feelings and intensity of perceptions.

The main meaning of this meditation seems to be a sensorial and energetic experience with the realms of Earth and Sky. A way to spiritually bind us with the powers of the Gods and of the Nature, as well as to wake our souls, since we go under the earth, that can be seen as our own body, and then grow to the sky, in a movement to free our spirit to communicate with the Gods.

However, this meditation is much more complex than the first view can tell. I do not know if it was the intention but the Two Powers Meditation, at least for me, has a secret inside it, the water. The connection between Earth and Sky is maximized by the link with underground water. Since the first day I feel my roots touching those deep waters and absorbing it, I see it as the link between Earth and Sky. It seems to be connected with the Ancestors and the Sea as part of the Three Realms, and it also makes me remember Garanus several times as a link to the Otherworld.

The water process is very intense, since I first feel it as an ice cold water that enters trough my feet as the fluids of the dead going up to reach the surface, and then when it encounters the fresh and warm air it goes warming as if the dead were coming back to life as they reach the sky. I stay a moment with these two feelings inside me. Part of me is cold and other is warm, and then they start mixing themselves, combining the powers of Earth and Sky as the Water/Sea flows inside me.

It is a powerful way to retain the power of the Tree Realms for me, for I feel like if my blood is absorbing these waters become full of the essence of my ancestors, like if they really were flowing inside my veins, and by this means, I can access the Gods and the Sidh much easier.