Vision is to see things and situations in a clear manner using our analytic sense and perception of the whole to understand how the circumstances came to be and how to deal with them. A visionary is someone with a discerning eye and a sophisticated sense of observation, able to comprehend past, present and future and to go beyond the limits of current logic, for he can perceive and understand what the others of his time are not able to realize yet.

This Virtue means we don’t have to necessarily learn with our own mistakes if we have sense enough to recognize right and wrong, and perspicacity to learn from the mistakes of others. This includes what will undoubtably be an error and may yield an uncertain triumph. This is the advantage of the visionary; he knows that the uncertain triumph is surely worth the risk of trial and error but the undoubtable error that only a fool would do.

To see beyond the horizon is what a man with Vision does, for he knows himself, he knows the past and present of the world he lives in and the cosmos, he knows the human limits and potentials and he observes everything like a newborn child. And for all this his eyes, his mind and his soul are able to see beyond the veils of appearances, obscurity and time, because he is a man totally connected with the whole universe around him, and able to comprehend it, and sometimes even to open the veils of space and time and transcend it seeing beyond the present.